Posted by: pinkturtle2 | Mei 18, 2008

Chinese Flee Flood Threat From Quake

Residents and rescue workers fled the county of Beichuan on Saturday amid warnings of possible flooding from a river.

photo:Jason Lee/Reuters

An child’s arm and backpack amid the rubble in Dujiangyan. “This is about China,” said a Shanghai news director, and viewer interest was too high to ignore.

Photo:Aly Song/Reuters

Chinese Flee Flood Threat From Quake

CHENGDU, China — Thousands of earthquake survivors fled tent camps and villages across the ravaged landscape of southwestern China on Saturday after the government warned that several lakes and rivers were getting dangerously close to overflowing because landslides have blocked water flow.

he new threats came as government officials said that more than three million homes had been destroyed by Monday’s earthquake, and more than 12 million had been damaged. The government again raised the death toll, to nearly 29,000.

The resulting humanitarian crisis is the largest in China in decades, and in the process of covering the developments, Chinese news organizations have been testing strict government censorship in new ways — and even winning some concessions.

Published: May 18, 2008

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