Posted by: pinkturtle2 | Mei 22, 2008

US troops kill 11 suspected militants in Baghdad

11 killed in Baghdad shooting

BAGHDAD-05-21-2008, 18h43 (turkishpress) US troops shot dead 11 suspected militants in a Shiite district of the Iraqi capital on Wednesday, the American military said.

The men were “Special Group criminals,” a term used for Shiite militants backed by Iranian groups, and one of them was about to target US troops with a roadside mine when he was shot, a statement said.

“Multi-National Division – Baghdad soldiers have killed 11 Special Group criminals in an ongoing operation” in the east of the capital, the statement said.

It said one of the victims had tried to place a mine when he was shot dead.

Earlier, a US military spokesman had said “there were no MND-B (US or allied) soldiers involved in an improvised explosives device event, or a subsequent clash. There was no … event in eastern Baghdad, specifically, no event we’re tracking in Obeidi.” …more

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