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Pictures of the Day, June 5

An Israeli missile aimed at a group of militants struck a house in Gaza and killed a 6-year-old Palestinian girl. The strike happened hours after a missile strike killed an Israeli. Hamas took credit for that attack. Palestinians inspected the rubble of destroyed houses following an Israeli military incursion into the town of Khan Yunis.Photo: Said Khatib/Agence France-Presse
A mortar fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza hit a factory in the southern Israeli kibbutz of Nir Oz. Hamas militants fired a barrage of mortar shells into southern Israel, killing one person and wounding three on a communal farm near the border with Gaza, Israeli officials said.Photo: Sebastian Scheiner/Associated Press
A Palestinian man trying to escape Israeli Border Police jumped from the jeep where he was being held and screamed for help on the outskirts of Jerusalem near the Shuafat Refuee Camp. A group of Palestinians had been seen trying to enter Jerusalem and the man was detained by the police before he managed to escape from the moving jeep.Photo: European Pressphoto Agency
Israeli Border Police grappled with the Palestinian man as they forced him back into a jeep on the outskirts of Jerusalem near the Shuafat Refugee Camp after he had tried to escape. He had been detained when it appeared he was trying to enter Jerusalem.Photo: European Pressphoto Agency
Eight pandas who survived China’s earthquake went on display at Beijing Zoo, with officials expecting the bears to attract millions of Olympic visitors. After a welcoming ceremony, a stream of mainly Chinese tourists crowded around the two-year-old cubs’ enclosure and took photos with their phone cameras.Photo: Andy Wong/Associated Press
Refugees from Sudan’s western Darfur region gathered for food at Djabal Camp near Gos Beida in eastern Chad. Envoys from the United Nations Security Council are due to visit the camp on Friday.Photo: Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters
Lebanese girls celebrated the end of the school year with a shaving cream fight in Beirut.
Photo: Joseph Barrak/Agence France-Presse
President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and his wife, Carla Bruni, offered condolences to Pierre Berge, right, at the funeral service for the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. Mr. Berge was Mr. Saint Laurent’s business partner and former companion.Photo: Benoit Tessier/Reuters
Alain Robert, a French stuntman known for climbing tall buildings, scaled the New York Times building at 41st Sreet and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, clutching a bright green banner that read: “Global warming kills more people than 9/11 every week.”Photo: David Scull for The New York Times
When Mr. Robert reached the top of the 52-story building, he was met by police officers who arrested. About a dozen police officers were on the roof when Mr. Robert arrived there. One of them put on a hard hat, harnessed himself to the building and sat out on a beam, a couple of feet from the building, as Mr. Robert reached the top. When he got to the top, he calmly perched himself on the same beam, beside the officer, and raised his hands. The pair began talking.Photo: David Scull for The New York Times
Mr. Robert was escorted to a police car after being arrested for climbing the New York Times building. He wore a T-shirt with his name and the address of a Web site (, exercise pants and climbing shoes. He used no rope, harness or parachute.Photo: David Scull
Soldiers used explosives to widen a channel to release water from the quake-formed lake at Shibangou in earthquake-hit Qingchuan, in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Steep hillsides that collapsed into river valleys during the May 12 quake blocked water and formed more than 30 new lakes. Explosives and heavy machinery have been used in several cases to clear the rubble.Photo: Associated Press
An Indian man wrapped himself with a plastic sheet during a rain shower in the eastern city of Calcutta.Photo: Kaushik Sarkhel/European Pressphoto Agency
Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s chief archeologist, said his team has uncovered the missing pyramid of an ancient pharaoh who ruled more than 4,000 years ago, and a ceremonial procession road where high priests carried mummified remains of sacred bulls worshipped in Memphis, the capital of Egypt’s Old Kingdom. Workers were at the site of the “missing” pyramid, currently only a heap of rocks at the bottom of a dugout pit.Photo: Nasser Nasser/Associated Press


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