Posted by: pinkturtle2 | Jun 9, 2008

Kubica celebrates ‘fantastic’ maiden win

Robert Kubica wins 2008 Canadian Grand Prix

Robert Kubica celebrated a “fantastic” maiden Formula One victory on Sunday, after leading a BMW Sauber one-two at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Just one year after suffering a horrific crash in the Montreal race, Kubica scored his and his team’s first win, which allowed the Pole to take the championship lead after the first seven races of the season.

The first Polish Formula One driver, who made his grand Prix debut just 41 races ago, was overjoyed with the result.

“It is fantastic to win for BMW Sauber,” said Kubica. “We grew up together and thanks to team for providing a good car we managed to do first and second. Maybe our pace is still not best as I couldn’t match Lewis’s pace.

“It’s fantastic for me, the team, my country and my fans.”

Kubica struggled to match the pace of teammate Nick Heidfeld last season, but has bounced back spectacularly this year, having scored 42 points already.

The BMW driver is now hoping to get the support from his team to try and keep his championship position as long as possible.

He added: “Last year I struggled a lot but I fixed some issues that were not working properly. I am doing pretty well this season.

“Winning in Canada where I had big shunt last season and the goal to win a grand prix this season… We have done it and I’m leading the championship, so I hope the team will give me 100 percent support to defend it until last race.”

Kubica now leads the championship by four points from McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa.

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