Posted by: pinkturtle2 | Oktober 31, 2008

Altantuya’s Father Disappointed

Altantuya’s father disappointed


  1. I am so sorry to all of malaysian, malay, chinese and indian.
    Included the father of altantuya.
    Yes, i did ask some detective to kill altantuya shariibu
    Yes, is me. I did went to paris with altantuya with razak baginda.
    Yes, I did introduce her to razak baginda.
    Yes, I agree. Why I kill her?
    Is because of the comission.
    I had told her, if you help me for arrangement for buying 2 marine and i will give you US500,000.00 dolar.
    And i had overnite with her in paris., before her comission to be out.
    This because i had found out, she had pregnent.
    To not allow any one know’s and to prevent giving her US500,000.00 dolar.
    That’s why i murder her.
    All is my fault.

  2. once, i will be come malaysian Prime Minister,
    i will slowly increase some item in malaysia.
    This is my target.

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