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Rachel Corrie dirampas Israel

A picture shows the port in Gaza City on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on May 21, 2010. A senior Israeli official told European diplomats that a plan by pro-Palestinian activists to break Israel's naval blockade of the Gaza Strip was a 'provocation' and would be stopped. The Free Gaza Movement, an international group seeking to ship humanitarian goods and activists into the coastal strip, aims to send three cargo ships and five passenger vessels to Gaza from Ireland, Greece and Turkey.

A picture shows the port in Gaza City on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

This undated photo provided by FreeGaza. org shows the Irish-flagged ship the MV Rachel Corrie. The ship was named after an American college student crushed to death by an Israeli Army bulldozer while protesting house demolitions in Gaza. The ship was supposed to join the Gaza-bound aid flotilla but was delayed by mechanical problems and is currently waiting off the Libyan coast.

Israel has said it would accept the goods aboard the Rachel Corrie at its port of Ashdod, for onward land delivery to Gaza, but the activists have insisted they will dock in Gaza.

Rachel Corrie dirampas Israel

05/06/2010 11:48am

GAZA 5 Jun – Tentera laut Israel merampas kapal MV Rachel Corrie yang menuju ke Gaza hari ini, ketika kapal milik Ireland itu berada 55 kilometer di Laut Mediterranean, demikian menurut jurucakap kumpulan penganjur misi itu.

Tidak jelas sama ada berlaku keganasan atau tidak, walaupun mereka yang berada di atas kapal sebelum ini menyatakan yang mereka tidak akan melawan.

Jurucakap tentera Israel berkata, tiada sebarang maklumat diterima mengenai hal tersebut. Israel sebelum menegaskan ia tidak akan membenarkan kapal itu tiba ke Gaza.

Rachel Corrie ditahan lima hari selepas konvoi enam kapal diserang komando Israel menyebabkan sembilan aktivis maut dengan berpuluh lagi cedera. – REUTERS


Gaza aid ship intercepted, not boarded: activist

Reuters05/06/2010 11:58am.. 2 mins ago

GAZA (Reuters) – Israeli forces intercepted and were following an Irish-owned ship bound for Gaza on Saturday, a spokeswoman for the campaign group supporting the ship said.

“They are being followed,” Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza group said by telephone. She said earlier that the Rachel Corrie was some 55 km (35 miles) west of Gaza in the Mediterranean.

Al Jazeera television quoted a journalist aboard the vessel saying: “We can see some Israeli ships a little away from us.

“They are following us. There has been no contact.”

An Israeli military spokeswoman said she had no information.

Israel had said it would not let the ship through, five days after a convoy of six was halted, including a Turkish ship on which 9 men were killed by Israeli commandos who stormed aboard.

Israel has said it would accept the goods aboard the Rachel Corrie at its port of Ashdod, for onward land delivery to Gaza, but the activists have insisted they will dock in Gaza.

“They are not going into Ashdod,” Berlin said, adding that only if the Israeli navy seized the ship would that happen.

The vessel is named after an American pro-Palestinian activist killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003.

Among those aboard the Rachel Corrie, campaigners said, were Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire from Northern Ireland and Denis Halliday, an Irish former senior official at the United Nations.Reuters


AP Pula Melaporkan….

Gaza-bound aid vessel tailed by Israeli warships

AP05/06/2010 12:00PM.. 1 mins ago

JERUSALEM – A Gaza-bound aid ship was just a few dozen miles (kilometers) from the blockaded Palestinian territory early Saturday, and was being tailed by three Israeli naval boats, a pro-Palestinian activist told The Associated Press.

The activists’ latest attempt to crack the blockade will test Israel’s resolve as it faces a wave of international outrage over its deadly takeover of another aid ship earlier this week.

The Israeli military had no comment on its plans.

Diplomatic fallout and protests across Europe and the Muslim world have increased pressure to end the embargo Israel imposed after the Islamic militant Hamas group seized power in Gaza three years ago. The blockade has plunged the territory’s 1.5 million residents deeper into poverty and sharply raised Mideast tensions as the U.S. makes a new push for regional peace.

Shortly after 5 a.m. Israel time, Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza movement that sent the 1,200-ton Rachel Corrie said the vessel was 35 miles (56 kilometers) from Gaza’s shores.

“There were two warships in the back of them … and a smaller boat was approaching,” Berlin said from the movement’s headquarters in Cyprus, citing a passenger on board.

Activists on board the Irish boat, including a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, have insisted they would not resist if Israeli soldiers tried to take over their vessel. They rejected an Israeli appeal to bring the ship to an Israeli port instead. AP


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